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Programmer Offering Services :)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:46 pm
by HazedTG
Hey all,

Used to play BM a long long time ago when it was like first released, and only just found out about this server!
Spoke to Thoth and noticed that a BM2 is in the pipeline... I was wondering if you guys were in need of any additional programmers to help with development of BM2 (or BM!).

I have experience in C#, .NET, Java and C++ (aswell as web development skills including ASP.NET, PHP, XHTML, Javascript etc).

I've never worked on a 3D MMO before, but I have developed small 2D games and a basic 3D engine in C++.

If you guys are interested let me know :)

Re: Programmer Offering Services :)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:59 am
by Dekker3D
Hey, HazedTG!

What started as "BM2" is now called Carune.. mostly to avoid too blatant copyright infringement and all that (though Punisher seems to be fine with the plans-... it's the other past developers we're doing it for; no way to contact them). The plans are to make it a more modern MMORPG mostly inspired by BM and playable by the kind of folks BM attracted. Though as the lone programmer on the project, it's kind of hard all by myself. An extra coder who knows C++ well would be so very welcome, you don't even know. You've got a nice repertoire of language skills, I see, and if that "basic 3D engine" means the graphical part: respect, because I don't know a thing more about quaternion math than the very basics I need to know. And someone who understands 3D engine tech will be nice to have. So yeah. We have a network layer up and running, with a basic chat system (but no logins yet, so the chat doesn't show usernames) and a ton of other things. We should probably get in touch about it. You can contact me at Skype (Dekker3D), MSN (dekker3d - at - gmail - dot - com) or email (the same). Or private messages, of course, though I can't guarantee I'll see them on this forum. Sorry for the late reply by the way, most talk about this project is done on