Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Got any ideas?

Which way does BM want to go?

Blade Mistress 2 ( Carune Online )
Update the original BM ( for Windows )
Add Mac/Linux support
Open source the code
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Demon Killa » Fri May 17, 2013 11:41 pm

From my point of view, as someone who only ever played BM for the love of it...

Firstly, to have BM as it was before the curtains came down. So all the little fixes that Punisher came up with, and super mods and such.

Maybe some updates, to smooth gameplay up and introduce feasible new ideas.

Server stability, which in my opinion is crucial to keeping people playing.

Enough capacity so everyone can play (even if individuals have multiple accounts).

Maybe have old admins and mods back (in honorary positions possibly), with them running events and such.

One of the most crucial things, I think, is to get back to a situation where players are not judged and are free to play. If you make a mistake (or cheat, lords forbid), pay a price (a short ban or loss of items for example), and be allowed back.

Too much bitching has gone on in the past few years about who did what and to whom... does it really matter? It's only a game

One of the things that struck me about BM was the real sense of community, not always apparent, but at times it was lovely to see. That is what I would like to see back.

Anyway, thats some of my thoughts on it.

Good Luck
Demon Killa

P.S. Thank you Punisher for coming back
Demon Killa
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Dekker3D » Wed May 22, 2013 10:08 pm

^ this guy has pretty much got the gist of it, I'd say. That's what BM is. A community where people can just be themselves, centered around a cool game for passing a few hours with, occasionally :)
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby deviless » Wed May 22, 2013 10:59 pm

wot DK said :P

i miss the community we had when everyone chatted n helped each other yeah we argued but mostly it was in fun,
i vote for a BM that we all loved to play, so yeah fix the bugs n stuff, just keep it as the game we know
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Punisher » Mon May 27, 2013 3:36 am

Excellent, thanks! I've taken notes on the suggestions. I think the way I'm going to go is two ways at once. Have one path to fix things quickly and add needed features, and another path that is lower priority to add some newer updates, like better graphics and whatnot. For those technical people, I'm talking code branches :).

I'm hoping to start really soon. Trying to sell my gaming laptop so I can buy a development desktop. This MacBook Air will make it a bit of a challenge :).
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Fingolfin » Mon May 27, 2013 9:55 am

I've already replied to this in the other forum so not going to repeat myself here (just check the other forums, you know where to find it). But basically I agree with most of what DK said. Get back to how the game was when Pun ended and build from that. Forget all that happened since then, and a lot happened!

I said it before and DK said it too: server stability is crucial, 1 server, all back together. That should be the first step. Now practical problem there would be that people worked on their characters a bit and those are on different servers. But when we start back from when it ended, will we lose all what we did with those same characters afterwards? That would annoy some people and make them decide not to play. Mind you, I'm not talking about all those fancy new ingot-weapons. But I for example would be a wee bit annoyed to lose the weapon I've been working on ever since I started playing BM all those years. So which chars would be used could influence the people who want to play again I believe.

Another point is that this game could use some updates, yes. At a certain point you've reached your goals in the game with the current limits. So new stuff would be very welcome! Although I used to have fun in BM even when I reached some goals, because of the community. So many years later it's nearly impossible to gather the same community, I realize that. But stable server, old chars, good admin and a game that will get updated might just do the trick to attract some people again.
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Fingolfin » Mon May 27, 2013 10:07 am

Forgot to add something actually. About stuff that annoys me in this BM... I've already mentioned the ingots in the other forum (too powerful, leads to cheating, lame quests is the short summary of that) but others things too.

Due to restrictions most of the new stuff here was done with witch quests. But I can't help noticing how some quests/stuff just seem to be there to make it people easier to play. I'll explain: the silver dust quest (kill an amount of lizard men and you get quite some silver dusts). What is this even for? You get silvers by going to the DL and kill lizard men and it's supposed to be rare. You don't need to make quests to get lots of those easier: rare things have to be rare and not to be made easier. Similar story with those new staffs. For a long time the limit of skilling with staffs is lvl 39. Above those we needed stat totems, and that is not easy. Good, because it's supposed to be hard! You need to do a lot of work if you want to achieve higher levels. Not do some quest to get even better staffs that have no real other goal than making skilling higher magic easier.

OK, I know, I complained a lot but I do mean well and I know those who made stuff here did mean well too. Just want to say that new stuff would be awesome but don't make stuff that makes it easier to get things because some people are too lazy to work a lot on it...

PS: Excuses to those who get annoyed at my endless complaints!
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Thoth » Mon May 27, 2013 11:57 am

Hello Fingolfin,

The server stability does not seem to be a problem. And I am sorry to say this but merging the servers does not seem like an option, too much has happened, and too much time has passed so even IF we decided to work together, then still it would be a pain in the bum to merge all the userfiles again, and trust me, I know what I'm talking about cause I did that the first time I joined with Midnight's server. And besides that, there are just a very few people playing there, and comparing pro's with cons, it simply won't win. I could explain more of that during a private chat.

Then as your for problem with the quests;
I will look into the "silver quest" and ask the other players what they would like to see happening with it.
Then the staff quest: the staff can hold more charges, and is slightly more powerful than the onyx staff, so I do not see the problem of having that staff in the game. What's the deal, you can level up to 44 and THEN use stat totems, right? We did not implant it to make the skilling easier, we did it to have more variety, people wanted to see something new, and that is what we gave them.

As for the ingots, could you explain what you mean with "leads to cheating"?
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Fingolfin » Mon May 27, 2013 1:43 pm

I'll be blunt here but honestly, I believe 1 server is essential to go through with this. I know stuff has happened and time has moved on so it'll probably be a pain in the ass indeed. But players much rather want 1 server than 2. After all it's been said often in this topic so far: what we liked most about BM is the community. Never liked the idea of splitting but at the time it seemed like the only solution.

Anyway, so Punisher wants to work on BM again. People will be play on the server he's updating stuff for: when having the choice of this BM, Iresh' server or Pun's I think the choice will be made fairly easy and quick. In fact it's as simple as this: does Pun want 1 server where everyone plays again or this several split up servers? (It would help if you commented, Pun ;) ) This whole issue could be solved if he'd say what his plan with that would be.

I didn't really want to go into the ingot-thing again, not in this topic anyway. But since you asked... So when putting new ingots in the game you couldn't use 1 spot so you went for 12 & 13 if I'm correct. That makes chrome weapons rather powerful but also extremely hard to make. Now as you know most people like to put lots of dusts on their weapons (I'm wielding a 5.2k dusted mal myself). Many chrome weapons in BM are a testify of that: heavy dusted even dual sharded weapons. Anyhow, those weapons have a hell of a TD to create. In fact the best smiths in game (the 2/2/11s with SS maxed out) couldn't make this kind of weapons without risking a lot. I've tested this with Dismanbuster & Lady Osiris btw. The next step is making a stat totem: this has to be at least 12 but higher stat totems are better. Stat totems with a high stat are hard to make too: you need a high lvl magics for that, higher than the current 44 even. So case in point is this: heavy dusted chrome weapons have to be made by doing an awful lot of favors to get your magics skilled as high enough to make those easy enough. And I think you know how some magic lvls were created (hey, we're back to point one!)...

In other words: because chrome is too hard with current smithing limits, cheating seemed like the easy solution to make it easier. Case in point: it happened! I wouldn't put my trust on any heavy dusted chrome weapons in game here now. Of course you can argue people could just go for low dusted weapons instead but we all know people just want to get their weapon better & better.

And yes, I know: people wanted new things and you guys did what you could. I comment you for that: you are a nice guy and obviously with a heart for BM. I don't like quests myself, but that's beside the point. But some things just don't seem to work out well enough.

By the way, let's hope this will all be for nothing anyway when Punisher starts working on BM again. :)
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Zelena » Wed May 29, 2013 1:11 am

Welcome back Punisher. Your return is beyond exciting! I look forward to discussing the future of BM at length. Again, welcome home! :D
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Re: Which Way Does BM Want to Go?

Postby Dekker3D » Thu May 30, 2013 3:09 pm

Just some notes from my experience, in case Pun decides to work together with the community on this:
Zelena is great for throwing ideas against and just brainstorming with. MVM learns fast and is willing to go far to make things happen. He also has some great skills already. Both are very good people to work with and it'd be a shame not to make use of that. Doompuppet also had a tendency of suddenly appearing with just the thing we needed. Good guy.
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