Announcing a revival

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Announcing a revival

Postby Dekker3D » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:26 am

Lady_T, Mitch, Swift, ((MVM)), Thoth and I have started a revival of this project. To be more exact, we changed the leadership a bit, overhauled the whole plan and got a lot of people involved.

The long story:
I heard about an engine called Neoaxis on saturday, a week ago. I downloaded it, and played around a bit, and decided I like it. Mentioned it to Lady_T, since the code files had the same extension as those in Torque (turned out it was a completely different script though, so that didn't help) and it could help him. That's when I laid it to rest for a while, and eventually ended up talking to Mitch. He, Swift and I have been through a lot, learning and teaching eachother how to model stuff and sometimes even giving advice on life and other things. A thought formed in my head... What if we went on a project together? With me as the leader, this time, so it wouldn't drop dead on it's face again when the leader has real life issues? With a decent organization, we could get somewhere. With a secondary leader to take things over sometimes, we would be nearly risk-free. I knew that I could count on Mitch, Lady_T and probably Swift too. We'd have three modellers and two could-be programmers. Also a great PR guy for the BM community, and let's face it: a bunch of talent. That's how it got started. After that, we also heard that ((MVM)) was interested in joining, and his current/last project was very impressive. He does music and 3D art, and has already made a fairly big oblivion mod all by himself.

The plan:
We'll be working hard to get this project as close to the charm of the original as possible, while updating anything else to modern-day specs. In this process, we'll be relying on the community for ideas, feedback and testing. Public testing will begin, in fact, when I get an autoupdater ready to avoid having everyone download roughly 80 mb of files every single time there's an update. You don't want that as a user, when you could be downloading the same files five times in one night. You really don't want that as an admin who's paying for the bandwidth. So.... Yeah. Autoupdater first.
The engine we're using is very easy to program and make content for. There are a few drawbacks though, which aren't easy to fix since we don't get the full source:
- The grid will not be back for a good while, and if people don't miss it it'll likely be gone for good. This is because the engine was never designed around grid-based movement and modifying it to have a grid anyway will be tough. Expect bugs where you can't reach something because it hasn't been confined to the grid while you have, for example. Also, most of the engine works with physics of one kind or another and that doesn't mesh well with a grid either.
- Realms can not be made the way any sane programmer would, or at least not for the next half year or so until Neoaxis' programmer adds that option, or when we gather the $395 for the commercial license which could allow us to do it ourselves. As a result, we'll be faking it later on. Realms will be in when the normal realm works decently and we have everything that's absolutely necessary up and running. We'll simply be putting each realm next to eachother, and making them invisible to the players and monsters in other realms, with invisible walls separating them all.

Current team setup:
- I will be doing most of the programming. I also have quite a bit of 3D skill, mostly gained from working on random projects and helping/being helped by Mitch and Swift. 3D won't be my main task though, since we don't have anyone else focusing on programming right now. I also do research about the engine itself, and instruct others in it's use.

- Mitch will be doing a lot of modelling, mapping and communication. He has already figured out how to import BM's maps into Neoaxis, which will help a great deal.

- Thoth is the person in the team who's the most involved in the community, so he's our go-to man for that kind of information and skills.

- Lady_T will be acting as the backup leader and jack-of-all-trades kinda guy. When I'm not around or available for a while, he'll keep things together and fill my role as such.

- Swift will be doing mostly 3D art. He's the most skilled artist I personally know, although he's fairly busy all the time. Right now, he's working his way through school so we won't be seeing much of his work for now. He'll be there for us when he can though.

- ((MVM)) might be doing 3D art and music for us too, soon. His skills focus more on architecture than those of the rest of our team, so he'll be responsible for that part of the game. Take a look at the channel I linked at the top of this post and you can feel reassured: most of the buildings in project hammerfell are his, either model and texture, or something already in the game retextured to fit the style.

Current priorities:
- Getting more people involved.
- Setting up a site to communicate easily.
- Getting a demo server up and running soon.
- Getting to beta status in half a year.

We could use the help of the people in this forum for this: If we could have a private section for team members to discuss work, and a few changes to the existing BMII section, it'd help us a lot and reduce the need for a site of our own. Half of our current team visits this place often already and the topic is related, so it makes sense.

Things already achieved:
- I have modified the engine to give player characters an inventory, and a list of skills. Any extra information can be added to these, to name a crazy idea: a collection of swordsmithing designs. I have a system in the works for transmitting information about attacks, so things like dodging expirience and dust effects can be calculated properly. Weapons also fit in the inventory system, and adding clothes to this would not be difficult. Accounts are next in the plans.

- Mitch has played with the map editor and figured out how to load BM's maps into Neoaxis' editor, after a lot of searching. He also gave this project a better entree than I could ever have. There's not much else to be said, you all know what he's like. I'm glad he's on the team :)
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