Somewhat Simplified Archery

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Somewhat Simplified Archery

Postby Doompuppet » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:34 am

The reason I'm calling this "somewhat simplified" is that it doesn't offer the user any sort of "targeting" interface. Instead, the concept handles targeting a different way. See below.

1.) Making the weapons.

- Bows and Arrows could be crafted, each with special reactions with certain 'ingredients'.
- Special 'ingredients' added to a Bow enhance the speed and targetting.
- Special 'ingredients' added to an Arrow enhance damage and cause effects to target.

- Special Bows and Arrows could be drops, etc., as well.

2.) Targeting with Bow & Arrow.

- You'd select an NPC to attack with a Bow & Arrow the same way you'd select an NPC to do any other sort of action... I'm basing this on the idea Anathema will have such a feature in place already. IE: "Select NPC".

- Imagine a CONE with the POINT as your bow, and the BASE as where the arrow may hit.
- That cone starts out large. There's a big radius in which your arrow may randomly "land".
- As you get better, the cone simply shrinks. There is a gradually smaller radius to miss in.
- When you are the ultimate Archer, that cone will be more like a direct line to the NPC.

- As an alternative choice, perhaps the arrow just travels in a straight line ahead of you, and it can just be left to the player to make sure they're facing exactly right. That's probably the true "simplified" way. XD

3.) Loading your Bow.

- You don't actively "load" your bow every time you fire. You just need to HAVE arrows and have them queued up to be able to use them. As you attack, the arrows get 'used up'.

- If you have more than one type of arrow in your inventory, it would simply select the arrows closest to the "top" of your inventory... or some other equally "common sense" approach.

-There would of course be a "reloading" animation for the player. This reloading animation could be slow for poor Archers, and very fast for excellet Archers, etc. Essentially putting a reload "penalty" of time without requireing you to actually click things to reload.


- Arrows "stick" in the NPC until they "fall out" at random intervals between a certain minimum and maximum "stuck" time.
- For example, I shoot an NPC with a plain arrow. It might "stick" in the NPC for 1 second to 4 seconds. If I use a "barbed" arrow, it naturally "sticks" in longer, from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
- When an arrow is "stuck" in an NPC, it takes 1/4 of the initial damage every time it attacks!

- For example, I hit an NPC with an arrow that does 4 damage. The arrow "sticks" and the NPC takes 1 extra damage for each attack it makes. Then the arrow falls out, and everything's normal.

- Imagine you hit an NPC with a super-powerful magical flaming arrow of death that causes it 20 damage! Now while that arrow is stuck in the NPC, it takes 5 additional damage whenever it attacks you!

- Arrows could also deliver poisons, curses, etc. Any number of effects, really.

- Naturally, some NPCs like Golems would be resistant to arrows. It only makes sense that shooting a slab of rock would be a bit less effective. For these situations, perhaps special arrows crafted with "melt stone" magic or "drill head" tips would do the job on Mr. Golem.

5.) Bonus Thoughts...

- Imagine flying NPCs that can only be attacked with magic... OR Bows and Arrows!
- Arrows could also be fired by certain NPC archers, sticking in YOU! :O
- You could practice or compete on non-living targets.
- It could theoretically be possible to use a bow and arrow while, say, hidden in brush.
- Imagine shooting arrows through a slot in a castle wall, toward a raiding army. :D
- This could lead to other projectiles as well. Darts, spears, etc. all with different ways they deal damage and "stick" in things.
- Magical arrows could also come into play - ones not in your inventory, not an actual item, but more of a conjured projectile fired from your magic bow, taking mana or whatever cost.
- Fire a flaming arrow into the air to create a "flare" for others to follow to find you.
- Some NPCs may be hit by arrows, but they won't "stick", for example, a Blob wouldn't sweat it.

And more!
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