I'm in and out :P

1. Let other people know that you are playing - or planning to do so. Don't forget to post your "in game" name etc.
Hopefully this will help players to come together more easy and increase our player base for a more joyable experience.
2. When you are not active anymore - please, post a short notice about that also.

I'm in and out :P

Postby Lady_T » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:59 pm

So i started playing BM last night with my 2 friends, i forgot how incredibly hard it is without undead totems! Bone army kick's our butts haha.

I would love to get my old account back but its just so old i dont remembewr anything about it. I do remember i was over 300 but under 400 clvl, had a few prety decent swords with plenty of dust, didnt own any shards..thats about it lol. Hopefully i will hear from Thoth.
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